Shallow ideas can be assimilated;
ideas that require people to reorganize their picture of the world provoke hostility.
– James Gleick

Link Letters

Peak Bagging:

For Colorado’s Fourteeners, visit
For Colorado’s Thirteeners, visit
For lists of U.S. peaks, visit Lists of John.
To post your own climbs, go to
To post your own trip reports and photos, go to
To prominence based lists, visit
To sign summit logs, visit
For more mountain monkey business, see America’s Roof.
For the supreme source for mountaineering literature, visit Chessler Books.
Curious about the highpointing craze? Go to
For opinions about highpointing matters, go to the Highpointers Forum.
For the Highpointers Foundation, go to Highpointers Foundation.
For the more specific county highpointing craze, go to


For Topo Maps, see or
Curious about going beyond? See .
Serious about mountaineering video? Go to Fort Collins Video.
Serious about mountaineering? Go to the AAC.
For Colorado’s mountains, go to the CMC.
For the infamous pillar of conservation go to the Sierra Club.
If you care about the mountain environment, visit Leave No Trace.
If you care about access to the mountains, go to the Access Fund.
Alaskan mountains? Visit the Mountaineering Club of Alaska.
Quit gambling in smoke-filled casinos and start Hiking Las Vegas!

Peak Lists:

For a list of Sierra peaks, visit
For a list of the California Thirteeners, visit CA 13ers.
To learn about those hot desert peaks, go to the DPS.
For a list of those pesky DPS desert peaks, go to DPS List.
There are hundreds more California peaks to ponder at HPS.
And another hundred peaks wait for you at LPS.

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