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Gerry’s Books, DVDs, Shows, Photos, Essays, Peak Lists, Classic Peaks

Gerry’s Narratives: Transcendent Summits, Ride the Breath
Earth View Adventures: Responsible travel to specialized destinations
Puebla’s Plate Lady will paint you a custom plate of Izta, Popo, or Orizaba
Ararat Adventures: Climb Ararat and explore Turkey’s cultural splendors
Go For It Adventures: Stan Havlick’s bicycle trips across 6 continents
Highpointers Foundation: Conservation of the state high points

Carquip is a specialty house for Porsche Parts, Complete Engines, and Transmissions.
Diamond Marketing Solutions: Delivering Direct Results

Zara Tours: Climb Kilimanjaro and explore Tanzania’s Land of Wonders

Communications Consultants: Your Personal Technology Shopper

Hair Borne Express: Responsible haircuts at customer locations since 1989

Your Dog’s Best Friend: Dog Walks, Pet Sitting, and House Sitting by Jennifer Roach